Office Furniture in San Jose

Tom’s Discount Office Furniture has been happily serving the San Jose region for over 25 years. OWith deep roots in the community, our locally owned and operated company is well-known for our most extensive range of top-tier office furniture. Backed by full licensing, bonding, and insurance, we present an extensive selection of new and used office furniture options, prioritizing our customers’ ability to find the right solutions to suit their budgetary constraints, personal preferences, and operational needs. Each member of our team embodies unwavering dependability, competence, and a wealth of experience to ensure that our customers receive unparalleled assistance every single time. Transform your office into a place that promises practicality, comfort, and elegance with the help of our amazing team.

Our Office Furniture Selection

Pre-Owned Office Furniture

At Tom’s Discount Office Furniture, we take pride in presenting a comprehensive selection of pre-owned office furniture options that deliver unparalleled value for your business. Opting for used conference tables, desks, chairs, and more is a savvy and economical choice. Within our inventory, you can find premium pieces without sacrificing quality to accommodate your budget constraints. Our diverse inventory is available at significantly reduced prices. Our selection includes:

Pre-Owned Tables – Revitalize your meeting spaces with our used tables and meeting tables, delivering exceptional quality and value without compromising your budget.

Pre-Owned Desks – Discover unmatched quality and value with our used desks, which offer a budget-friendly, yet dependable solution for furnishing your workspace with the necessary work surfaces.

Pre-Owned Filing Cabinets – Our used filing cabinets are a great way to upgrade your office organization, offering top-notch durability and functionality at a surprisingly low price point.

Pre-Owned Chairs – Our used chairs offer luxury and comfort at a lower price, allowing you to easily enhance your office’s functionality and make it more stylish at the same time.

Our exhaustive inspection process ensures that every pre-owned furniture piece meets our exacting durability and functionality standards. Sourced from businesses scaling down or concluding operations, these items retain their impeccable condition and provide customers with exceptional value at remarkably reduced rates. Rest assured in our dedication to quality assurance and ethical sourcing, wihch make shopping our pre-owned selection a savvy investment in premium furniture at an unmatched value.


We are delighted to showcase the most diverse lineup of desks in San Jose, thoughtfully curated to provide options for every style and need. Whether you prioritize sleek modernity, ergonomic design, or wellness-focused, sit-to-stand solutions, we’ve got something perfect for you. You’ll be able to browse desks in a variety of sizes, storage setups, and premium materials, and our diverse selection guarantees the ideal fit for any workspace. Let our knowledgeable professionals walk you through the selection process and help you make a decision that optimizes both functionality and aesthetics.


Leading the way in office furniture solutions, we embrace the critical role of offering premier seating choices for your workplace. Recognizing the significant amount of time office employees spend seated, the importance of selecting the right office chairs cannot be overstated. Our diverse range of chairs caters to individuals who prioritize style, ergonomics, or a seamless combination of both. Browse through our meticulously curated selection, where an abundance of brands and designs awaits. We carry desk chairs that instantly enhance comfort and productivity in any office or cubicle. With ergonomic attributes advocating for correct posture and reducing fatigue, alongside stylish designs enhancing the ambiance of the workspace, our selection transcends the ordinary.

Conference Tables

Conference tables serve as vital components within your meeting spaces, contributing significantly to both ambiance and operational effectiveness. As clients or potential clients enter your conference room, the table’s visual impact captures their attention and sets a tone for the entire encounter. Choose from our unparalleled range of conference tables to elevate the atmosphere of your workplace. Our dedication to quality extends beyond surface-level features. We carefully consider ergonomics, durability, and style in every table we carry to bring unparalleled excellence to our customers.


At Tom’s Discount Office Furniture, we’ve thoughtfully curated a distinguished collection of table to meet the varied demands of our discerning clientele. From conference tables that fuel productive discussions to collaborative tables that promote teamwork to elegant coffee tables that enhance brand prestige in sitting spaces, we truly have solutions for every need. Beyond aesthetics, we maintain an unwavering dedication to excellence by hand-selecting every table in our incomparable range for its longevity, ergonomic precision, and practicality. Crafted with premium materials and distinctive features, our tables are beautifully engineered to exceed your every expectation.

Filing Cabinets & Storage

Each organization has its own specific storage and filing needs, which is why we provide a comprehensive range of options tailored to meet the unique demands of every business. Whether you’re in search of office shelving to neatly display and arrange items or robust lateral filing cabinets constructed from premium metal or laminate, we offer the finest solutions for your office organization needs.

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