Office Furniture in Mountain View

Tom’s Discount Office Furniture has been happily serving the Mountain View region for over 25 years. Our locally owned and locally operated company has a long history and stellar reputation for providing the area’s most extensive assortment of top-notch office furniture. Our insured, bonded, and licensed business sells both new and used office furniture so that our customers can find the best options for their needs, tastes, and budgets. Our team is full of the most dependable, competent, and experienced individuals to assist our customers with finding the ideal furniture options for their unique needs. If you want the most practical, comfortable, and stylish office in town, contact our friendly team today!

Our Office Furniture Selection

Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Tom’s Discount Office Furniture is delighted to offer a comprehensive selection of pre-owned office furniture choices at outstanding value for your company. Buying used conference tables, seating, desks, and other office furnishings is an incredibly affordable option. When you browse our inventory, you won’t have to sacrifice quality to save money because you’ll have access to a wide range of luxury items at a fraction of the price. Our selection includes:

Pre-Owned Filing Cabinets – Our used filing cabinets are a great way to upgrade your office organization, offering top-notch durability and functionality at a surprisingly low price point.

Pre-Owned Chairs – Our used chairs promise comfort and style at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your office and improve its functionality.

Pre-Owned Tables – Explore budget-friendly, yet high-quality options with our used tables and meeting tables, ensuring reliability and affordability in furnishing your meeting spaces.

Pre-Owned Desks – Explore budget-friendly, yet high-quality options with our used desks, ensuring reliability and affordability by furnishing your office with necessary work surfaces.

Every piece of pre-owned furniture is rigorously tested to guarantee that it meets our high criteria for functionality and durability. Sourced primarily from businesses that are downsizing or closing, these items remain in impeccable condition and deliver exceptional value at substantial discounts. With our unwavering dedication to quality assurance and transparent sourcing, purchasing from our pre-owned collection allows you to obtain premium goods at an extraordinary value.


We are happy to present the most diverse selection of desks in Mountain View, designed to meet every style and need. We have the ideal solutions for you and your employees, whether you want a sleek, modern design to fit a contemporary workplace style, ergonomics for increased productivity and comfort, or sit-to-stand alternatives to promote health. Our wide range includes a variety of premium materials, storage configurations, desk sizes, and more, ensuring that you discover the perfect match for your workplace. Our skilled staff are ready to walk you through the selection process, allowing you to make an educated choice that improves the look and functionality of your office.


At the forefront of office furniture innovation, we understand the essential need for providing top-tier seating solutions for your team. With most office employees dedicating substantial periods to seated work, the selection of the best office chairs is incredibly important. We offer an extensive lineup of chairs for clients who value ergonomics, style, or a cohesive combination of both. Explore our thoughtfully curated inventory of many brands and designs, which features desk chairs that bring comfort and efficiency to offices and cubicles. With ergonomic enhancements that encourage proper posture and mitigate weariness coupled with stylish aesthetics that enrich workspace ambiance, our options redefine the classic desk chair.

Conference Tables

The efficiency and atmosphere of your meeting environments depend on the conference tables you choose. When prospective or existing clients enter your conference room, the table’s ambiance sets the mood for the whole conversation. Transform your office environment with our diverse range of conference tables, unmatched in quality and style. Our dedication to quality extends beyond surface-level features. We seamlessly integrate ergonomics, longevity, and style into all our tables, setting a benchmark for excellence.


At Tom’s Discount Office Furniture, we take pride in our meticulously curated collection of tables, designed to meet the distinct needs of our customers. From conference tables that fuel productive discussions to collaborative tables that promote teamwork to elegant coffee tables that enhance brand prestige in sitting spaces, we truly have solutions for every need. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics, as we meticulously select each table in our unparalleled selection for its durability, functionality, and ergonomic design. From the finest materials to the most innovative features, our tables are each crafted to surpass even the loftiest expectations

Filing Cabinets & Storage

Office storage and filing solutions are as different as the organizations that use them, which is why we provide a wide range of options to satisfy the specific demands of each business. Whether you’re in search of office shelving to neatly display and arrange items or robust lateral filing cabinets constructed from premium metal or laminate, we offer the finest solutions for your office organization needs.

Call Tom’s Discount Office Furniture today at (408)245-8040 or (916)222-0077 and let us know how we can meet your needs!