Office Furniture in Rocklin

Serving the Rocklin region with happiness and pride for over 25 years, Tom’s Discount Office Furniture remains dedicated to providing top-notch service and products. Built on a foundation of community pride and dedication, our locally run and locally owned company has established ourselves as the go-to destination for the most comprehensive collection of superior office furniture in the area. With our comprehensive insurance, bonding, and licensing, we provide a full range of both new and used office furniture, ensuring that our customers have access to the perfect choices tailored to their requirements, preferences, and financial concerns. Our team is made up of of individuals who offer indispensable traits like reliability, extensive knowledge, and professionalism because we’re dedicated to providing our customers with expert guidance in selecting the very best furniture options. Transform your office into a place that promises practicality, comfort, and elegance with the help of our amazing team.

Our Office Furniture Selection

Pre-Owned Office Furniture

At Tom’s Discount Office Furniture, we take pride in presenting a comprehensive selection of pre-owned office furniture options that deliver unparalleled value for your business. Opting for used conference tables, seating, desks, and other office furniture is an incredibly affordable alternative. When you browse our inventory, you won’t have to sacrifice quality to save money because you’ll have access to a wide range of luxury items at a fraction of the price. Our selection includes:

Pre-Owned Chairs – Our used chairs promise comfort and style at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your office and improve its functionality.

Pre-Owned Desks – Opt for affordability and quality with our used desks, offering unbeatable value and dependability by meeting your office work surface needs.

Pre-Owned Tables – Opt for sustainability and value with our used tables and meeting tables, offering premium quality and cost-effectiveness for furnishing your office’s collaborative spaces.

Pre-Owned Filing Cabinets – Our used filing cabinets are an excellent way to make your office a more organized and productive place, providing superior durability and performance at an unexpectedly low price.

Our exhaustive inspection process ensures that every pre-owned furniture piece meets our exacting durability and functionality standards. These items often come from offices that are downsizing or closing, meaning they’re still in excellent condition, but are available at significantly discounted prices. Rest assured, our commitment to quality assurance and trustworthy sourcing ensures that investing in our pre-owned collection gives you top-tier goods at exceptional value.

Conference Tables

The efficiency and atmosphere of your meeting environments depend on the conference tables you choose. When prospective or existing clients enter your conference room, the table’s ambiance instantly becomes the focal point and influences the tone of the whole conversation. Redefine your office space with our unmatched variety of conference tables, each designed for optimum style and functionality. Our pursuit of excellence encompasses more than just looks. We place equal emphasis on ergonomics, durability, and style in every table we carry, setting new standards of quality.


As pioneers in the office furniture industry, we grasp the vital importance of offering premium seating solutions for your workplace. Understanding the significant length of time your employees spent seated, we know choosing the ideal office chairs is pivotal. That’s why we present an expansive selection of chairs, catering to clients who prioritize style, ergonomics, or a seamless integration of both. Our expertly curated assortment features an array of brands and designs, guaranteeing you’ll find desk chairs that enhance comfort and productivity in your offices or cubicles. With ergonomic attributes advocating for correct posture and reducing fatigue, alongside stylish designs enhancing the ambiance of the workspace, our selection transcends the ordinary.


At Tom’s Discount Office Furniture, we’ve meticulously selected the finest tables to address the unique needs of our customers. Whether you’re in search of conference tables to drive successful meetings, collaboration tables to foster teamwork, or exquisite coffee tables to enhance brand personality in seating areas, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Upholding our commitment to quality, we carefully handpick each table in our unrivaled collection by focusing on ergonomics, functionality, and durability. Crafted with superior materials and innovative details, our tables are built to surpass your every expectation.


We are proud to offer the most expansive array of desks in Rocklin, meticulously curated to offer versatility options for every workspace. Whether you prioritize sleek modernity, ergonomic design, or wellness-focused sit-to-stand solutions, we’ve got something perfect for you. Our wide range includes a variety of premium materials, storage configurations, desk sizes, and more, ensuring that you discover the perfect match for your workplace. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is here to guide you through the selection process so you can make an informed decision that enhances both the functionality and aesthetics of your workspace.

Filing Cabinets & Storage

Office storage and filing solutions are as different as the organizations that use them, which is why we provide a wide range of options to satisfy the specific demands of each business. Perhaps you’re looking for office shelving to properly display and organize things, or maybe you require lateral filing cabinets made of high-quality metal or laminate. We have all the best solutions for your office organization needs.

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